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Welcome To Page Of The Best Class To Ever Graduate From George Washington The Class Of 05.


Forever in our hearts


What made these high school years better, was that we stuck together, as a class really should. I can honestly say, and for sure we were and will be the best class in this school. We stepped up the school and made it the way it is now. We grew up in this school, we became some good mature people. As we spent most of our day in school, it is definately considered our second home, it got to the point where a lot of us didnt even want to leave the school even though we had periods 1-5 but we stayed until 8 or 9 or sometimes we even had to get kicked out by one of our beloved AP's. We will always love this school...and always cherish and remember the wonderful times we spent here.

We got into trouble, and got suspended and made jokes and interrupted the classes, well not all of us : )...but you get the point...What Im trying to say is that, no matter in how much trouble we got into, we still love this school. We cried, laugh, fought, argued, smiled, hughed, those are the memories that will keep us so attached to this school.

At first when we came into this school, most of us knew each other from Junior High, but some of us met for the first time. We made new friends, friends that helped us get through high school...


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Need Photos

I need for everyone that looks at this site and has any picture of them self our of another classmate from any of the 4 Schools in G-Dubes please send it to me so I could post it up on the site. When you send me a e-mail please write a subject and please tell me who you are.


Don't forget to share your storys our just to say hi in the guest book.


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